We offer several investment opportunities through direct acquisition, joint ventures, partnerships funds and investor loans. This is accomplished by a combination of debt and equity, with a management, development, and legal team in place throughout the process. We offer a well balanced and diversified product through a combination of steady cash flow (rentals), along with frequent distributions of cash flow (redevelopments/sales). This allows us to mitigate risk and offer a unique product that is more liquid and diversified than most real estate funds, while providing investors attractive returns. 


We are a full service real estate consulting firm for developers, investors, buyers, and sellers. We empower our clients by creating successful and proven strategies to grow and strengthen their business by providing a tailored service and approach to exceed all goals and expectations. We connect your project with the creative/marketing, sales teams, legal, brokers, lenders, and buyers in order to create a cohesive unit that delivers the most value for your project. We make our mark by utilizing our work ethic, integrity, and boutique services to achieve results for the client to lift your business to new heights.

aaron-huber-401200Development/Design Build

We have built a team of experienced contractors and managers that currently renovate, remodel, and design properties in any condition. We have utilized our in-house experience to offer contracting, and design/build remodeling and renovation services for owners and investors. We offer services from small renovation jobs to ground up development for single family and smaller multi-family properties.

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